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I saw this post on facebook and the comments were full of miserable fucking American parents (for some reason, the other countries were being cool) being all “sprinkles won’t teach them anything” “monster spray will just make them further believe that monsters are real and you are encouraging stupid ideas” “putting glitter on money is illegal, you will be arrested”

The entire thread made me wonder why some miserable cunts are parents after all. Their kids are going to be boring ass stock brokers or something

The facebook post made me this angry too… these ideas are freaking genius

Oh for… it is illegal, but holy shit you won’t be arrested unless you’re, like, burning and pissing on currency in front of a bunch of cops (or treasury agents).  Even then they’d probably tell you to quit before they actually pursued charges.  Like, I know a lot of times I’m like “OMG PLEASE STOP” when it comes to defacing currency because it just makes my job harder as a bank employee, but I’m talking about people, like…. writing ‘boner’ on one dollar bills because EVERYONE thinks they’re the first motherfucker to think that one up.  Put glitter on tooth fairy money, do it, don’t worry about the cops coming, jeez.

What’s wrong with fucking sprinkles? I mean you can’t put them on everything (they’ll sink to the bottom of juice, for example), but putting them on smoothies isn’t going to kill them, so why the fuck not?

Seriously, what? Sprinkles are fun and cute. I would have been all over that shit when I was a kid. I LOVED sprinkles and it’s something my mom would have done for me if she’d thought of it. She already was cutting my peanut butter and honey sandwiches into heart shapes for my school lunches and kissed my imaginary friend Rex good night every night. The fuck is wrong with indulging your kids with cute, fun things like that while they’re really little?

Why the fuck shouldn’t parents have a monster spray?
It’s not encouraging stupid ideas, it’s encouraging their fantasy and the idea, that this spray keeps those bad monsters away.
It’s a whole lot better than just telling your kids ‘They don’t exist, go back to sleep’

My mom did monster spray for me and without it I never would have gotten any sleep so fuck these “parents”.

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